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10 Best Reasons to Choose Your Next Stopover at Ocho Rios
07/01/2017 4:54 pm

The  stunning beaches in Jamaica have claimed their fame, but keep in that  there’s so much more to discover on this diverse island. Instead of  indulging in perfect waves, rum drinks, you should explore Jamaica's  other natural treasures – take Ocho Rios tours. 

A  trip to the Jamaican port city – Ocho Rios offers Instagram-worthy  scenery and wonderful opportunities to get the most out of spectacular  waterfalls, mountains, water gardens, and caves. Besides, the port city  serves up delectable local cuisine. So, ditch the beach lounger,  consider exploring the Ocho Rios adventures!

Introducing Ocho Rios -

Ocho  Rios – in Spanish means the “Eight Rivers” is situated on the  north-eastern coastline of the Jamaican Island. Over the last 25 years,  the metamorphosis of Ocho Rios has been quite remarkable from that of a  small, somewhat sleepy fishing village to the main tourist attraction in  Jamaica.  

Being  a well-known harbor on the Jamaica's north coast, Ocho Rios is  surrounded by tropical gardens and waterfalls. However, it’s the major  port of call for cruise ships and is much peaceful hub than Montego Bay.  Most of the tourist attractions in this destination lie in the  surrounding countryside. On your Ocho Rios tours, you will see lush  gardens, rivers, cascades and caves like natural wonders of the area and  also the historic plantations that are nestled in the foothills. 

If  you’re prepping yourself for your next vacation in Jamaica, you should  kick start your holiday from Ocho Rios. Here are a few best reasons why  you should choose your upcoming holiday at Ocho Rios:

Top 10 Best Reasons to Choose Vacationing in Ocho Rios -

1.  Jet skiing is one of the best activities to enjoy in Ocho Rios to have  maximum fun on vacation. Nothing can be much better than wave running  with your special someone.

2.  Consider discovering a sea of wonder below the ship by taking a dive or  walk on the dock – whichever excites you more you’ll have more fun!

3. Make your heart pounding by zip-lining adventure at Mystic Mountain.

4. Enjoy soaking up yourself in the serene splendor of Jamaica at the Coyaba River Garden and Museum.

5. There’s nothing much peaceful than a beautiful rainbow at the countryside embracing spectacles of wonderful nature.

6. Ocho Rios is not only known for rivers, sunsets, and beaches, but for beautiful inhabitants also.

7. Enjoy riding through the city taking a four wheel bike along the dirt road.

8. Create a magical walk through wonderland only for your eyes in Ocho Rios.

9.  Get a picturesque spectacle of the port at the Shaw Park Botanical  Gardens – the magnificent garden covers 25-acres in total offering the  most breathtaking views of the bay. 

10. End the day of your Ocho Rios adventure with a tranquil moonlight walk on the beach. 

Conclusion -

Are  you excited to visit Ocho Rios this vacation? If so, then you should  book Ocho Rios tours with Uton’s Tours and experience the Jamaican  sightseeing wonders in a truly authentic way. Our tour operators aim to  offer each visitor an unforgettable service and optimal satisfaction  while touring with us. You can check out TripAdvisor Certification of  Excellence 2016 and know what exactly our clients say about us. So, call  at 1 - 876 - 456 – 6323 and let us help you discover and immerse in the  luscious beauty that the Jamaican island has to offer! 

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