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Best seven Montego Bay Sightseeing and Adventure Tours
08/16/2017 1:57 pm

Montego Bay is a popular resort town on Jamaica’s northern coast is the second largest city in Jamaica. It offers memorable travel experience unlike anywhere else in Jamaica. Montego Bay has modern cruise ship dock, international airport, and industrial free zone area. It is exciting, colorful and home to some of the most prestigious resorts. It serves as a perfect gateway to visitors as it allows doing everything from adventure to relaxation. Excursion in Jamaica Montego Bay gives the opportunity to climb river fall, river rafting, horse riding and many more.

Exploring Grotto Cave:

The Green Grotto Caves are a prominent tourist attraction on the north coast of Jamaica named for the green algae that cover its walls. The innermost of cave contains a crystal-clear underground lake connected with the adjacent coastal water and is a home to lots of marine life including small crabs, lobsters, and shrimps and various unidentified small swimming creatures. It is a historical cave used as a runway, hideaway, escape place, smuggling way, and store room for rum barrels.


Beach Day at Doctor’s Cave Beach:

Dr. Alexander James McCatty donated the beach property to create a bathing club in Montego Bay. The water in it is unbelievably blue, warm, exceptionally clean and well kept. Tourist have a great time to swim and jump and dive around it. Doctors cave beach is always crowded with tourists and local loves to come. It also has a restaurant that offers good food and drinks to visitors. The water of cave beach has curative powers and could cure several ailments. The healing power of beach water and the cave became very famous and attract foreigners to try it.

Float down the Martha Brae:

One can relax with floating on a raft down a three mile stretch of the Martha Brae River. Martha Brae River is situated at a twenty minutes distance from Montego Bay. It is a one hour ride which takes the tourists on a handmade bamboo raft ride by a skillful licensed raft captain. The raft captain can stop anywhere during the tour to allow riders the chance to jump and swim in the river.


Horseback riding:

It is a great excursion which includes aHorseback riding through the warm Caribbean ocean, Montego Bay. Jamaica was spectacular and one must experience to have a horseback ride along the white sand beach during a visit. Unique horse riding adventures is perfect for those who love to travel in the open air. The guide shares the history of Jamaica during the ride. All horses stayed in one line, with guides nearby to offer the safest riding experience to visitors. The horses are amazing and powerful to offer the comfort ride during travel that is definitely a highlight of Jamaica tour.

Relaxing on the beach:

Montego Baybeach helps to recharge people through its relaxing, beautiful or pleasant atmosphere in the sun and sand. People can relax them by sitting, reading, sunbathing, and enjoying over some of the finest beach in Jamaica. There are countless waterfront treasures in Jamaica waiting to be discovered by travelers to have fun, joy and relax.

Zip Line through the Jungle:

One cannot fly through the canopy over Caribbean jungleExcursion in Jamaica Montego Bay. The Jamaica Zip line Adventure Tour is located approximately 30 minutes by car from Montego Bay and is home to the longest and safest zip lines in the Jamaica. The tour includes a 250 foot Jungle Bridge and the zip line tour last between 2 to 2.5 hours and will leave you breathless as you fly like a bird over some of the most beautiful views.


Best sightseeing:

Montego Bay Tours and Sightseeing tour will introduce travelers to the history and beauty that makes Montego Bay a popular tourist destination. People can find Rose Hall Great House, Historic Sir Samuel Sharpe, St. James Parish Church, Richmond Hill Inn, Fort Montego and many more during their travel In Montego Bay. Visitors can have a chance to know the past history of Montego during sightseeing excursion in Jamaica.

People in Montego Bay are incredibly welcoming and one will not worry about at the resorts. We at Uton tours offer a wide and unique variety of shore excursion and things to do in Montego Bay. We always work hard to offer the most enjoyable and memorable experience to visitors and let them close to bay. Our professional guides will always ensure a safe, enjoyable and informative tour of the Montego Bay area. Our travel packages are well planned and executed to offer an opportunity to a Sightseeing tour with lots of fun and joy.

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